Hindustan Gaming is a leading management company, representing a diverse portfolio of elite esports gamers and influencers. With connections to top brands, Hindustan Gaming works to source, negotiate, and manage the end of the deal to end. In an era of rapid industry change, we have delivered next-level 360 management, world-class expertise, and competitive strategy to take our clients from online personas to powerhouse brands.

Our unique combination of extensive sponsorship and talent management experience, diverse and talented team, strategic approach to partnerships, and comprehensive range of services help us outshine the industry. We maintain open and transparent communication; we encourage you to connect with us! We believe that our clients are our top priority.

Hindustan Gaming set the standard in top-level collaboration with the world’s biggest brands. We have successfully worked with many leading brands in the field of gaming. Furthermore, we have created individual campaigns for clients, reached target groups, and created strong impressions.


Varun Loht


Varun Loht is an exceptional visionary and experienced business leader. With a proven track record of driving organizational growth and fostering innovation, Varun brings expertise of bootcamp of many Esport teams to the table. As CEO, Varun is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company and guiding its overall operations. With his dynamic leadership style, he inspires teams to achieve their full potential and exceed expectations. Varun has a deep understanding of market trends and customer needs, enabling him to identify new opportunities and steer the company towards sustainable growth.

Yash Raj


Yash Raj is an accomplished professional with a deep passion for the esports industry. With a unique blend of strategic acumen and extensive experience in the esports landscape, Yash plays a pivotal role in driving our company's operational excellence. As COO, Yash brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to oversee the day-to-day operations of our organization. Our Esport team is mentored and managed under his guidance. He believes in empowering talented teams to reach their full potential and deliver exceptional results.